As a psycologist I offer the following specialities: 

P S Y C H O L O G I C A L   A SS E S S M E N T


Treatment of learning difficulties and developmental abnormalities.


Through Psychological Assessment and detailed observation I try to get a picture of the strengths and weaknesses of a child or young person.
In a first meeting with the parents and the child we try to define aims of the treatment and how to reach them.

In the following lessons (mostly with the child alone) I do an intelligence test, a neurological test and personal questions or games. The observation of the behaviour during the test sessions is extremely important for me. The young clients mostly show me what they enjoy, what they do not like and why they do not like something. I try to find out not only about performance deficits, but also about emotional blockades, and most importantly about their skills.
In a final meeting (with the parents again) we discuss the results of the test, treatment plans (how to treat deficits) and how the client can use his or her capacities to be more successful. 

 I have often told parents: "You have the movie; I get a photo of your child ...." Sometimes you see more in the photo, sometimes on film! I try to work together with as many people as possible (parents, teachers etc.) to find out what is the best for your child.



If the results of the psychological assessment show that the child has dyslexia, I try to find out how to best treat the weaknesses and how to use the strengths of the child. Also the parents get a detailed plan of how to support the child best. This plan does not only include learning strategies, but also games, daily activities or even learning how to play an instrument which can support and indirectly train the child in everyday life.

made by: Mag. Monika Baumann;

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