With the study of systemic family therapy, I have decided on a widespread therapy training.

All forms of setting from individuals to a large family are possible.

I mainly work solution-oriented, which means I ensure that my clients find a way to be stable. Once a well-being is established, the past can be viewed " from a safe angle” and so become a good part of one’s biography.

About the following specialicacions you can read more. 

  • Family Therapy

  • Brainspotting - as it is my speciality please see above the exta site

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Structured Trauma Intervention






When working with interpersonal, family or occupational systems disequilibrium can be brought back into balance, and so dysfunction is converted into function.It can make sense to work with a client alone, with business members or with a client and his family. I design the therapy with regard to your aims and wishes for change.My basic approach is to strengthen my clients and to find solutions for their life stress. Disruption of daily hassles and turning conflicts and critical life events into positive parts of yourself can change a personal life story.

Working areas :

• Working with children and their families dealing with difficulties such as anxiety disorders, panic, everyday problems, sleep disorders , etc.

• Parent counselling: Sometimes it is great to advise and strengthen parents about the education of their children. Quite often it has happened that I got to know a child only for a short time or not at all because the parents learned how to solve conflicts at home.

• Support if a family member has a chronic illness or in the case of death in the family etc

• coping with life crises in adolescents or adults - also in an individual setting

• other areas after clarification by phone

        H Y P N O T H E R A P Y


  • pain therapy

• smoking cessation

• deep relaxation

• strengthening


This wonderful, relaxing method is a great way for my clients to recharge their batteries, to reduce pain and get back to daily life stronger than before.In deep relaxation and symbolic language we can often find the secret of a solution. I show my clients methods to activate their self-healing powers which can then be recalled at any time! Sometimes I equip clients with a tape recording!

Smoking cessation is primarily about strengthening your individual will power so that your resolutions can be put into reality.Pain therapy is used to reduce common and chronic pain by your imagination. We work out a mental picture of what the pain could look like and how to reduce it or even let it go completely.

...is a trauma therapy especially designed for children.
With the help of drawn comics traumatic experiences can be integrated into the personality as an accepted and positive part.
Delivering the highest levels of security and structure, it is comparatively gentle in the implementation for both, child and therapist.
STI can also be applied on adults and can greatly be combined with brainspotting.


made by: Mag. Monika Baumann; monika.baumann7@gmail.com

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