Mag. Monika Baumann
sometimes Asuncion/Py
Telefon and WhatsAPP: +4367682877777


Welcome to my psychotherapeutic and child psychologist homepage!


“Transforming conflicts into solutions and mental strain into a recognised, accepted and hopefully positive part of your life story - this is what I count to my professional aims”!


My specific fields of work with children and young people are :


  • Learning disorders and dyslexia

  • trainingtreatment of anxiety disorders

  • creating individual learning plans

  • accompanying children with chronic disease and teaching them how to deal with disabilities, death and dying in families

  • treatment of children with media addiction

  • strengthening children who are victims of bullying

  • trauma processing

  • parent counselling and support for parents in dealing with educational issues

  • relief of blockades

  • relaxation

  • relief of performance anxiety and test anxiety

  • treatment for children and their parents if the child suffers from enuresis

  • pain management

  • strengthening etc.


My specific fields of work with adults are :


  • support during life crises

  • relaxation

  • trauma processing

  • relief of blockades

  • depression treatment

  • parent counselling

  • business

  • coaching

  • supervision for teachers

  • dealing with conflicts

  • reduction of insomnia

  • pain management c

  • oaching

  • smoking cessation etc.

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