C U R R I C U L U M   V I T A E


Name:               Monika Baumann, born Melzer

Date of birth:    11/21/1969

Place of birth:   Vienna

Citizenship:      Austria



1976 - 1988 public school with graduation degree in Vienna

1988 - 1990 College of Tourism in Lower Austria

1991 - 1998 University of Vienna, degree in Psychology

1999 - 2003 Training for systemic family therapist with final



Additional trainings:

Trauma treatment in the form of brainspotting and especially for kids according to a method of Dorothea Weinberg, Hypnotherapie, Diagnostic and training of learning disabilities


Professional experience:

• Team BBDO advertising agency (3 months),

Child Psychiatry at a Viennese Hospital under the lead of Dr. Berger (1 year)

• Children's day hospital (CHOP) in Philadelphia (USA) for 3 months with a scholarship and in 2006 again with Prof.Dr. Jerilynn Radcliffe.

• Brain tumor unit for children at the Vienna General Hospital (4 years )

• Psychiatric Practice ( 4 months) in Vienna.

• Since 2000 freelance child psychologist with focus on diagnostics and support for children with learning disorders as well as systemic family therapist for children and adults with special focus on brainspotting and hypnotherapy

• Voluntary work at a school for 4-18 year olds in Paraguay 2012 during 5 months. Providing support where it was needed - from pedagogic advises to parent counselling and treating children with difficulties.

  • Brainspotting trainer international, formed by Dr. David Grand

  • Since 2015  Brainspotting Trainings in Paraguay 

  • Currently private practice in Vienna and Paraguay

  • Voluntary work in a children´s home with more than 50 abandoned kids and adolescents from 0 to 18 years. 


Presentations and Conferences held about:

  • Psychological development

  • Educational counceling

  • the therapeutic work with children

  • Trauma – its arising, treatment and neurological effects

  • Brainspotting: 

    • Trainings​ of Brainspotting in social Projects in Paraguay

    • Brainspotting with Kids and Adolescents in Rio and Paraguay in 2016 and  in Barcelona, Austria  and the US in 2017, 


Marital Status:    married since 1997, three daughters

Languages:        German, English, Spanish

made by: Mag. Monika Baumann; monika.baumann7@gmail.com

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