A neurologically recognized and well-founded method to overcome mental blockades, to deal properly with stress factors, to develop potentials, to work up emotional pressure raised through your life story and to be able to start over calmly after an accident of any kind ( sports , traffic, households , etc. . ) or any type of trauma experience.

This widely used method of therapy has evolved out of trauma work.

Brainspotting allows mental strains that are saved as negative emotions in the brain to be activated again by the visual fixation on a point ( Brainspot ). They can then be saved again as a healthy emotion.

The activation of the original strain is gentle and is supported by the presence of the therapist. It is often deeply emotional. Clients describe the relief after the dissolution of a mental strain as extremely pleasant. If you are interested in the neurological functioning of this therapy you can find more information in the links below.

In the last years I could make extremly positive experiences with using Brainspotting during therapeutic treatments in my private praxis as in Paraguay in different social projects as for example in a children´s home with more than 50 abandoned kids between 0 and 18 years.

Being trained as a Trainer by Dr. David Grand, the founder of Brainspotting, and teaching it became an extremly important part in my professional life.


To me the following story by the Brothers Grimm seems to be a suitable symbolic comparison!


.... ................There once was a princess who was playing with her ​​golden ball ...... all of a sudden it fell into a deep well and she wept bitterly .... unexpectedly an ugly frog emerged from the depths and offered to bring the ball back. His condition was that from now on she had to take him as a playmate everywhere and treat him lovingly. The princess promised everything and the frog brought her the golden ball. Overjoyed, she ran home alone, disobeying her promise.

During the family dinner the frog appeared. - The Princess was frightened and told her father what had happened. He advised and supported her to be loving and respectful with the frog. Although it extremely disgusted the princess, she held on to her father's advice ..... as soon as she was in her playroom with the frog, he was accepted for the first time after his conversion - in some versions kissed by the princess, in other versions thrown against the wall. However, in this way he could turn into a prince again, and the two still live together happily!


I compare this familiar fairytale to Brainspotting because the princess – through the support of her father - has the courage to approach the unpleasant, even though it disgusts her. Then it is exactly this not any longer “disgusting” thing, which makes her deeply happy.

This is also how I experience my clients: deeply happy when they have relieved themselves from mental strains and have enabled these strains to become an accepted and mostly positive part of their biography!

It is a young treatment method. Both my clients as well as I as a therapist are excited about the success of this technique.

Nowadays it is no longer used exclusively in trauma therapy, but also in sports psychology ( with many well-known athletes and football teams), in art, with actors and musicians, in business for managers and people with different stress factors (e.g. blockades ).

The method spreads rapidly because the success speaks for itself and because it provides a possibility to effectively gain access to individual problems and convert them into solutions or accepted parts of your own personality.



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